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  1. How to navigate around the site
  2. How to find the parts that you require
  3. How to select items required
  4. How to order your parts
  5. How to find out about services
  6. How to contact us
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How to navigate around the site.
To move around the site you can use the navigation buttons at the top of each page or down the left hand side of the screen. The contents page shows all sections of the site and can also be used for navigation by clicking on each of the contents listings.
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How to find the parts that you require.
All parts are shown on the various drawings under the drawings section. When entering the drawings page, you will find a drawings index referring to general areas of the drive unit. 
Select the area in which the part you require is located and this will move you to the specific drawing. When you find the right drawing, scroll up, down and across to find the part. 
Each part is linked to a reference number, to view the parts description and prices, click on the numbered button pointing to the part. This will link you directly to the correct area of the parts list, the part selected will be the top line shown on the screen. 
If this part is the one you are looking for, jot down the reference number, part number, description and the quantity you require. 
Click on the right hand box in the parts list to return to the drawing.
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How to order your parts
Once you have a list of parts that you require you can place an order in one of the following ways:

By e-mail click on one of the e-mail links at the bottom of each page and type in the list of parts, plus your name, address, phone number etc.
Do Not include any credit card details at this stage. 

We will check for parts availability and total price and will phone you with confirmation. We will at this stage ask for payment which can be by cheque (subject to clearance), or credit card for mail orders.
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How to find out about services
Services offered by Plancraft can be found under the services section, propellers section and controls and cables section. All parts to fit Enfield  drives available from Plancraft Marine, from the Parts section

For anything not listed under these section's please contact us. 

For general boat equipment and parts look up our main web site and check out our service details and brokerage pages.
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How to contact us 
We can be contacted in any number of ways; using our online order/ quote form, e-mail, phone, fax, post or by visiting us. Full contact details are available at the bottom of each page, and our location is shown under the location section of this site.

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